Stainless Steel Tension Leveling

Tension leveling is a process intended to correct shape and flatness issues caused by cold rolling stainless coil.  The process straightens and flattens the strip thereby improving overall coil quality.

Elongating and bending the strip through a series of work rolls eliminates edge wave, center buckle, crossbow, and coil set.  Reduction of non-uniform internal stresses in the strip will decrease or eliminate camber and improve performance in downstream production processes.


  • Improvement of strip quality
  • Elimination of edge waves, center buckle, crossbow, and coil set
  • Elimination of internal stress
  • Decrease or eliminate camber
  • Improve performance in downstream production processes


Our in-house tension leveling lines are ready to shape correct a wide range of strip thicknesses and widths to fulfill your specifications.

  • Thickness: .048″ max
  • Width: 10″ – 24.5″
  • Recoiler ID: 20″
  • Max OD: 60″
  • Max Coil Weight: 15,000#


Contact us today to learn how Tempered & Specialty Metals can meet all of your stainless steel tension leveling needs, providing exceptional service and support from order entry to on-time delivery.