What is the benefit of an oscillate-wound coil?

An oscillate-wound coil provides longer run-time, less downtime because of coil changeovers saving you money. Click here to visit our oscillate-wound page for the full benefits and case study.

Is Rolled Metal Products able to produce functional welds?

Yes, we have invested much research and development into our process that enables us to provide the best quality functional welds.

Does Rolled Metal Products only offer standard edges?

No, not only can we supply standard edges but we can also accommodate custom edges. Send us your custom edge drawing today.

Does Rolled Metal Products toll process material from other companies?

Yes, we are one of the fastest growing toll processors in North America. We toll process for many primary mills, specialty mills, distributors, and end-users in various alloys.

Is Rolled Metal Products able to respond faster than your standard lead times?

Yes, we have an expedited service in which we can turn around material 24/48 hours depending on the complexity/volume of the item.

Does Rolled Metal Products stock 201?

Yes we are one of the largest stocking stainless steel distributors of 201 in North America. We have successfully converted many of our customers from 301/304 to 201 because of the overall surcharge savings involved.

Does Rolled Metal Products offer painted stainless steel coil?

Yes, painted stainless steel coil is a unique product application that Rolled Metal Products continues to develop and provide to its customers. The proprietary paint process used is extremely durable and resistant to cracking, flaking and chipping. Send us the color you have in mind and we will match it. We use a national/worldwide standardized chart system to ensure product accuracy and matching as required.

Is Rolled Metal Products ISO Certified?

Yes, Rolled Metal Products is ISO Certified. To quickly view our ISO Certificates please navigate to the home page and click the ISO certificate for the applicable location.

How can custom-edged material be beneficial?

By custom forming the edges of your material, Rolled Metal Products can provide strip that is safe to handle, esthetically pleasing and excellent for critical applications requiring smooth or burr-free strip.

Does Rolled Metal Products Stock 18SR?

Yes, we are the largest distributor of 18SR in North America.  We carrying stock in all common gauges for customers whose applications require exceptional resistance to high-temperature scaling and excellent weldability.